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In the works for 2023. Mugen Studio Co. will be offering mentorships both one-on-one and downloadable courses for any type of learning style.  

Tired of feeling like you've hit a wall? 



Learn how to document and tell stories through photography

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I have been putting off building this program for some time but have decided that it is time to grow. Learn how I found my style, how I discovered my voice through photographs, and how I manage everything in the day to day so that my creative passion is not tapped by the end of it. 

Coming soon <3 

it all started with a loss for words 

Want to become a fellow educator? Have you found a passion in sharing education around your artistic endeavors? Let me help you! 

Coming Soon 

Rising Educators

Just starting out? Maybe 1-3 years into the business. Want to learn how to streamline business process to open up more time for creative endeavors? 
This is for you. 

Ameteur Photographers

Are you wanting to learn basics? Camera settings. How to frame. What to focus your attention on? There will be a course just for you. 



wondering if this is

Bring all of the questions. The more the better. If you are meeting with me for an hour or once a month for 6 months. I am here to help you. I could have really used this resource when I started. 
Coming soon. 

6 month plans that we set up together to help you grow and expand as a photographer

checking out your analytics for your website and social media and forming an action plan

Finding/discovering your artistic style behind the lens 

Want the one-on-one path? There are options from 1 hour calls to once a month meetings. Lets set up a call and see what would be best for you and your business.


what coaching


her coaching was what I needed to find my shooting style

- Tess

her help changed my business. book her today. no regrets.

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From courses to one-on-ones I'm here

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Personalized Coaching for Photographers with Anna.
Set up in the format of one-on-ones you will have the opportunity to:
- personalized guidance and support
- comprehensive training
- exclusive access
- time-saving
- networking opportunities 

The Art of Developing Your Vision


Coming Soon

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The wedding day is not just a momentous occasion, but a priceless work of art that deserves to be captured in the most breathtaking and stunning manner. Whether my clients choose an intimate and exclusive elopement or a grandiose spectacle that is a feast for the senses, the planning process is an opportunity to create a vision of opulence that will be forever immortalized through my lens. It is my honor to provide exquisite guidance and insight to ensure that every detail, from the finest floral arrangements to the most elegant and sumptuous decor, is perfectly captured and preserved for eternity.

A wedding guide from the photographers point of view

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